• MeganScotland

    I bought a wonderful Chouchou shortly before christmas! Its beautiful and i love it! It matches perfectly with my black leather fur jacket from topshop!!


  • RuthScotland

    The first time I saw the Hollyhood I just loved it, it reminded me of glamorous movies of the 50's. My first one was copper/black geometric fabric with purple lining and every time i wear it i get compliments. I have since bought two more and wear them just as often.


  • MarenNorway

    Wearing my Chouchou often! I like that it is made of wool, which is a great advantage in cold Norway. Also it does not destroy your hairdo for the day, like a normal hat would. However, most important is that it looks great!


  • IlariaItaly

    Love Chouchou and all your designs! I especially love your Hollyhoods - they give your look that unique special touch.

  • AshleyScotland

    I saw Chouchou firstly on Facebook and was immediately caught up in how inventive, unique and truly different it was. It was perfect for me and I knew I would just have to have one at some point. This Hollyhood is completely versatile and I wear it both casually and when I go out. It's the perfect stylish accessory which also serves a purpose. Whilst it protects my hair from the wind or acts as a cosy comfort in the cold, it's contemporary design and unique look is what I love the most! Many thanks Chouchou! xx


  • MhairiScotland

    I am also honored to have been able wear and show off all of those wonderful creations. Whenever I try on one of Chouchou designs, Silvia describes where she got her inspiration from, where she acquired her beautiful fabrics and any other fun stories about her design process. It reminds me how personal Chouchou is, and highlight how much thought and work is put into each piece of every collection


  • FabioItaly

    I'm not the kind of guy that looks/buy accessories or stuff like that, I'm so lazy for looking around for new stuff but when I saw Hollywood Vito it was like it was talking to me, something like: "are you sure you don't want to choose me instead of Hollywood Fabio?" (at the beginning I was supposed to choose the Hollywood Fab) and then I realized I was falling in love with it and at the end I chose it and now that I'm wearing it I just want to use it for the rest of my life even if it's summer (I could try living in a colder place during summer)